Season 1

  • The first multiplayer season has started, and Reputation has been reset for ALL players
  • Your secondary teams now share the same Reputation and win/loss records
  • Mobile and desktop players can now be matched against each other

Bluetooth duels

  • Local multiplayer is back! (Android only)

Anti-cheating system

  • Coins and Reputation values are now synced with our server to prevent tampering
  • Several cheaters from the previous version have been banned retroactively
  • Banned players are being offered the option to reset their teams and start over

Balance tweaks

  • Glyph: Frenzy and Ghost Wraps redesigned, check their descriptions for details
  • Base rewards for completing matches and watching videos increased by 50 Lirae
  • Hex is now spread over three attacks
  • Hex doesn’t reflect Poisoned Strike anymore
  • Poisoned Strike damage increased by 30%
  • Power Infusion now has 3 charges, up from 2
  • Power Infusion bonus reduced by 20%
  • Freezing Strike effect increased by 20%
  • Inner Focus absorption reduced by 30%

User interface

  • New window to compare the actual value of your ninjas’ secondary skills
  • Leaderboards are now cross-platform with a dedicated UI showing cool details
  • LOTS of improvements everywhere!


  • The game is now available on Chromebooks
  • The game is now optimized for iOS 10
  • The game is now optimized for Android 7.0
  • Significant performance boost on all devices
  • Poisoned Strike no longer causes the game to crash when landing on Hex’d opponents
  • Mana Burn has a discernible graphic effect
  • Better music playback on phones
  • All legendary items now have their own unique cosmetic effects
  • Cloud synchronization fixed (Android only)
  • Random stuttering and audio glitches fixed on iOS
  • (Rare) ‘invisible’ imported items fixed
  • (Rare) startup crashes fixed
  • (Rare) savefile corruptions fixed

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