Cloud saves

  • Kongregate players can now synchronize their progress on multiple browsers
  • iOS players (logged to Game Center) can now synchronize their progress on multiple devices

Balance tweaks

  • Recustomizing ninjas is now completely FREE
  • Watching videos now temporarily increases your reward multiplier by 33%
  • Glyph: Tranquillity now doubles the duration of this boost from 2 to 4 matches
  • Glyph: Frenzy bonus reduced to 40%

User interface

  • Auto-training option removed
  • Items are no longer equipped automatically
  • Platform nicknames are always updated correctly on the leaderboards


  • Cloud synchronization should now work properly on ALL Android devices
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players on Android 6.0+ from joining Bluetooth matches
  • The game is now optimized for iOS 10.1 and Android 7.1
  • The Italian localization is now supported on Kongregate (Spanish coming soon?)
  • Minor bugfixes/improvements everywhere

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