Spell balance

  • Inner Focus absorption reduced to 60%
  • Spirit Link can now be used multiple times


  • Reputation gains/losses multiplied by 1.5
  • Leaderboards now display 500 scores each
  • You can now face players from the new Facebook and Itch.io web editions
  • Minimizing the browser no longer breaks your connection to the game server


  • (iOS) Ninja Volley 2X is going premium, and current teams have been upgraded for FREE
  • (iOS) Legendary items unlocked for all players
  • Glyphs can’t be purchased directly anymore
  • (Kongregate) Secondary teams and legendary items have been unlocked for all players
  • Pro Edition unified upgrade now available
  • Boost from rewarded videos increased to 50%


  • Training section temporarily removed
  • (Android) Cloud-related crash fixed
  • (Android) Browser-related crash fixed
  • (Android) The game iw now compatible with tablets that don’t have explicit GPS support

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